Solution : httpd: apr_sockaddr_info_get() failed for ip-xxx-xx-x-xxx

After a fresh install of Apache on a Centos machine I was getting this error.

Starting httpd: httpd: apr_sockaddr_info_get() failed for ip-xxx-xx-x-xxx
httpd: Could not reliably determine the server’s fully qualified domain name, using for ServerName

Nothing critical, the IP was still accesing the PHP pages. But we can remove the above warning messages by:

  1. Open the httpd.conf file
sudo nano /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf

2. Search the string : ServerName ( Ctrl + W)

3. Add/update the ServerName to


4. Restart apache.

sudo service httpd restart

And it shows ,

Stopping httpd: [ OK ]
Starting httpd: [ OK ]

Yeah, learnt something new 🙂

Understanding Deep Links

Recently I came across the term “Deep Links“.

Basically for one of our clients, we were updating the app page on Facebook, and to use the app directly from the Facebook page you need to provide the Deep Links.

Here is what Wikipedia says about Deep Links.

In the context of the World Wide Web, deep linking is the use of a hyperlink that links to a specific, generally searchable or indexed, piece of web content on a website (e.g., “”), rather than the website’s home page (e.g., “”).

Okay, so from my understanding it is useful for SEO purpose. I specifically came across this with regards to mobile applications. Here is what I found on the topic:

Mobile deep linking is a methodology that allows mobile apps to communicate with the mobile web or with other mobile apps via clickable links directing users to a specific landing page or screen inside the app instead of sending them back to a mobile site or store. Deep linking helps reduce the conversion friction by shortening the users’ path to the piece of content, product or promo they are interested in.


For apps such as shopping, travel, hotel booking, music and news the ability to send users to a specific product, offer or promo page can have tremendous effect over conversion rates and ultimately revenues. If deep linking is enabled, the user can be navigated directly to a certain hotel booking page for which he has seen an advertisement instead of the app’s home page. Last year Facebook announced its deep linking ad format, letting users come back to familiar apps from ads in their feeds.

So basically,

Deep Linking is a methodology for launching a native mobile application via a link and it connects a unique url to a defined action in a mobile app, seamlessly linking users to relevant content.

Now this looks good and something new.  I will be updating the steps to integrate Deep Links in mobile apps (hybrid/native) in my next blog post.

Enjoy you stay!


How to enable Oracle Connection to PHP on XAMPP (on Windows)

1. Install XAMPP on your Windows machine. We were using the latest one v5.6.14 (you can download the same from here) on Windows XP.

2. Extract InstantClient to C:\instantclient_<version_no> folder (You can download the same from here)

3. Open system setting at Start Menu > My Computer (right click on the icon) > Select Properties > Advanced Tabs > Environment Variables.

4. Add to ‘System Variables’ by clicking ‘New’ button and insert the following values:

a. Variable Name : PATH

b. Variable Value : C:\instantclient_<version_no>

5. Click OK to accept new modification.

6. Open C:\xampp\php\php.ini by using notepad/any other text editor.

7. Find string oci8 and remove the ; symbol at the beginning of the string line.

8. Save and Exit.

9. Restart Apache server to accept new modification on xampp.


To Check if Oracle connection support is loaded or not-

1. Open web browser.

2. In the address section type http://localhost/xampp

3. Once page load, select phpinfo() menu from the link on the left section of the page.

4. Try to find string OCI8 by using the search function of your browser(or by using CTRL+F).

5. If there is string found on OCI in your phpinfo() page. Then you can start connection to your oracle database.


PHP code to connect to Oracle

1. Open notepad/your text editor

2. Type following code:



If (!conn)

  echo “Failed to connect to Oracle”;


  echo “Succesfully connected with Oracle DB”;


3. Save and exit the text files as : connection.php(All Files Category) at C:\xampp\htdocs\

4. Once saved, please open browser and enter URL http://localhost/connection.php

5. If you see Text stating “Successfully connected with Oracle DB“ , then you are good to go.


Ref: stackoverflow

Which are some best Android apps which are very helpful for knowledge?

Answer by Upasana Sharma:

Here are my favorite apps that I use directly or via their service to keep myself up-to-date!

  1. Quora – Android Apps on Google Play
  2. TED – Android Apps on Google Play
  3. Google News & Weather – Android Apps on Google Play
  4. Duolingo: Learn Languages Free – Android Apps on Google Play (great app if you are interested in learning new languages)
  5. Khan Academy – Android Apps on Google Play (if you want to brush up your mathematical skills, it has problems from easy level to advanced level. I am still learning 🙂 )
  6. Amazon Kindle – Android Apps on Google Play (I prefer reading ebooks, hence I sync them on kindle app on Android device)
  7. Google Translate – Android Apps on Google Play (you never know when you might need them, I use them in sync with Duolingo)
  8. YouTube – Android Apps on Google Play (again its all about what content you are following)
  9. Moneycontrol Markets on Mobile – Android Apps on Google Play (if you are interested in market updates, this is a good one)


Which are some best Android apps which are very helpful for knowledge?

Do we need knowledge of Angular.js, Node.js for Android Applications Development?

Answer by Upasana Sharma:

Android development, or basically any kind of mobile development will involve the client end coding.

In case of Android, if you are planning to develop the app in native language of Android SDK, you will have to learn/work in Java.

If you are planning to develop the app using hybrid platforms like Phonegap, Titanium, etc you will have to work with HTML/CSS/JS. You can use AngularJS to give your app an MVC structure.

If your app intends to connect to your server to get/post some data, the server side APIs will need to be created separately. This could be any server side language, Java/JSP, ASP.NET ,  PHP or Node.JS, etc

If you plan to work with Node.JS to create the server side APIs, over there too AngularJS might be used depending on your server side application architecture.

Hence for starting with Android development, you do not need to learn Node.JS/AngularJS. It depends on which track you are focusing on.

Do we need knowledge of Angular.js, Node.js for Android Applications Development?